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Andrew Tull

Andrew is a collaborative, strategic and solutions-oriented land use expert. With more than 20 years of experience in the Portland Metropolitan area developing plans and securing approvals for subdivisions, schools, parks, institutional. commercial, and industrial uses. He is also a member of Portland Metro's Housing Bond Oversight Committee. Homebuilders

Homebuilders Association of Metropolitan Portland

Andrew is an active member, Executive Committee Member and past president of the HBA of Metropolitan Portland. In addition he has served on the Government Affairs and Political Action Committees.

National Association of Homebuilders

Working to make a difference beyond the local market Andrew is on both the land Development Council and leadership Council with the National Association of Homebuilders.

Single & Multi-Family Housing

A project development planner orchestrates the vision and execution of single and multi-family housing projects. They assess site feasibility, ensure compliance with zoning laws, collaborate with architects and contractors, and facilitate community engagement. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, they transform landscapes into vibrant living spaces.

School and Park Projects

Northwest Land Use Entitlements guides the creation of schools and parks, ensuring they meet community needs and aspirations. They evaluate site potential, liaise with educators or environmental experts, and navigate regulatory frameworks. By harmonizing design, safety, and functionality, they cultivate spaces that foster learning and leisure for all ages.

Commercial, Industrial & Civil Projects

Northwest Land Use Entitlements spearheads the evolution of commercial, industrial, and civil projects. They gauge site suitability, interface with business stakeholders, and abide by regulatory mandates. Merging aesthetics, utility, and economic viability, they drive projects that bolster commerce, support industries, and serve public infrastructure needs.

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